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IBM Employee Service Center
(for Pensions, Withholding, Address Change,
Telephone Number of Benefits providers, etc.)
phone: 1-866-937-0720


Links for IBM Retirees

IBM Site for Retirees IBM Retiree Net Benefit Forms
In case of death of an IBMer IBM Net Benefits site  
IBM Volunteers1 IBM Stockholder Services
Retiree Supplemental Employment IBM Stock Investor site

Links to other IBM locations' retiree clubs

IBM San Jose Retirees Club Tampa Bay Retirees Club
REWIND Club of Canada Mid-Hudson Valley
IBM South Florida QCC and Alumni Association


IBM Employee/Retiree Purchase Programs

IBM Employee Purchase Program  (certified used PCs) IBM/Lenovo Employee Purchase Program
IBM Retiree Discount Program IBM/Leovo nPC Support Site (drivers, downloads, etc.)


IBM Logo - Swap'N'Shop

IBM Logo Merchandise Store IBM Employee Swap'N'Shop 2


IBM Corporate, Rochester site and IBM product info 

     Thank You! to retirees who attended the 60 Year Celebration
IBM Corporation homepage IBM Corporation News
IBM Rochester History IBM Amateur Radio Club
Rochester Public Library IBM Collection
IBM AS/400, iSeries & System i IBM Power Systems
Rochester IBM Alumni Club Facebook Group Rochester IBM Alumni Club Facebook Group 3 Rochester IBM Alumni Club Twitter AccountRochester IBM Alumni Club Twitter Account 4

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Earn credit for your community volunteer hours. Is a way of getting IBM's volunteer support for local non-profit organizations.
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