IBM Volunteers Program

The IBM Volunteers Program has transition to a new platform. To access the new IBM Volunteers portal, go to

Once signed in on the new IBM Volunteers Portal, click on the blue Record Hours button and then click on Get Started to record your hours. Once you create an activity, you can add/update hours to it throughout the year from the Volunteer=>Record Hours page.

The Community Grant program has also changed. The new program is a Volunteer Grant Incentive program. As you record hours, you will earn incentive dollars to redeem to a charity of your choice. You can view and redeem your incentives on the My Incentives (Volunteer Grant) tab. You will earn your first incentive after recording 10 hours for 2020.

All organizations need to register on the nonprofit portal and agree to IBM's affirmations to receive the Volunteer Grant. Please share this link with your organization if they are not already registered:

Other features on the IBM Volunteers Portal include:

If you have any questions regarding the IBM Volunteers Portal, there is a Help feature,, or contact Lisa Lonien at

Lisa Lonien
Global Employee Engagement, Program Manager