Contacting the Rochester IBM Alumni Club

If you want to join the club, volunteer, sign up for an activity, or change your address, here is how you can contact us:

Telephone: The Alumni Club office is open on Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10:00AM till Noon Central Time.

The office number is 507-288-3663 x-120. Or call us anytime and leave a message.

By the way, volunteers are always needed  to staff the office for two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays—how

about helping out?

Email: Send us an Email. The Email is monitored on Tuesday and Thursday during office hours and we will get

back to you. Our Email address is Drop us a note.

Letter: The club MAIL address is:

              Rochester IBM Alumni Club                              
              20 1st Avenue NE                                   
              Rochester, MN  55906



              120 1st Street NE     map

              (Note: The club office is NOT at the mail location)

Enjoy the
privileges of membership !

Rochester IBM Alumni Club Registration         Date ____/____/_______
    Click Here for printable application form.

Member Last Name ___________________, First Name _________________,
                                (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr...)
Employee Number ___________________
Spouse  First Name ___________________, (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr...)

Address   ________________________________________
Address 2________________________________________
City         ____________________________ State _______ 
Country / Zip Code_______________

Telephone Number   ____________________

Email id for eNewsletters ___________________@______________________
(Please provide your email id so we can hold our costs down and electronically
distribute the newsletter.

Life Time Membership ($35.00) _______ 
(Life Time Membership is a deal and it includes right-of-surviorship).

Club Brochure

Rochester IBM Alumni Club Brochure - ( .pdf, Adobe document)