2016 Alumni Club Picnic
When we started setting up for the picnic at 10:00 AM the weather looked doubtful. At 11:00 AM we were getting rained on, things looked not promising. But by 2:00 PM the sun came out and it turned into a very nice comfortable day. We had 212 people in attendance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the excellent food and service provided by the Canadian Honker. At 5:00 PM when we cleaned up there were still several people present enjoying the weather and conversation. If you were not able to attend this year, hopefully you can make it next year. I want to thank all the worker that helped make this year's picnic another success. Thank you all!

Larry Plank
2015 Picnic Committee Chair

Below are some pictures from the picnic.
Click here to access the 2015 Picnic photos from July 8, 2015 event.