Rochester IBM Alumni Club Walking / Hiking Events

2015-10-14 Oxbow Park
2015-09-29 Indian Heights Park
2015-09-16 Root River County Park.

IBM Alumni hiking group at Root River County Park

Hiking along the the Root river Bluff trail

1870-'s wagon trail limestone bridge at Olmsted County Root River Park

2015-03-11 Root River County Park. 2015 03-25 Essex Park Hike
2015-03-11 Root River County Park Hikers 2015 03-25 Essex Park Hikers
Left to Right - Greg Stewart, Kathy Rusted, Robyn Anderson, Deb Crist, Hack Tobin, Joyce Tobin, Jim Vowels, Ellen Simon, Rex Lane  Left to Right - Deb Crist, Greg Stewert, Rex Lane, Robyn Anderson