2020 IBM Matching Grants FAQs – US and Canada

What is Matching Grants?
Matching Grants is a program through which IBM matches eligible donor contributions to qualifying organizations. 

What is an eligible donor?
Active regular IBM employees, retirees and members of the Board of Directors are eligible to use the program. 

What is a qualifying organization?
US and Canadian-based public and accredited private degree-granting colleges, universities, and K-12 schools (donations for academic purposes only); accredited hospitals; Medicare-approved nursing homes and hospices; cultural (e.g. museums, libraries, historical societies, performing arts, etc.); and certain environmental organizations are considered qualifying organizations.

All organizations must be registered in the non-profit portal and have agreed to IBM's affirmation statements.
How do I add my organization to the Matching Grants program?
If your organization is listed, but not indicated as match eligible, contact ibm-support@yourcause.com and provide the name of the organization. It will then be reviewed for matching eligibility. 

What is an eligible contribution?
Direct, personal, tax deductible contributions of $25 or greater are eligible to be matched through the Matching Grants Program. 

Is there a limit on donation amount?
IBM will match eligible contributions of up to a total of 10,000 USD in gifts per donor for the calendar year.

Is there a limit on how much a qualifying organization can receive?

What is IBM’s match?
Active employee donations are matched 1:1. Retired employee donations are matched ½:1.  

When will the program be available?
By the end of June, 2020.

How do I access the new program?
The program will be available on the new IBM Volunteers Portal on IBM.org. Hover over the person in the top right corner, and select IBM Volunteers Portal from the drop down. 

How do I participate as an employee or retiree?
To apply for a matching grant in the IBM Volunteers Portal: What is the approval and notification process?
Matching Grants will be reviewed and approved by IBM. Funds will be disbursed to eligible organizations at the end of each quarter.

Registered organizations can sign into the portal to view IBM giving. No additional communication will be sent to organizations.

How do I see the status of my Matching Grant?
You can view the status of your Matching Grant from your IBM Volunteers My Giving page. 

Whom do I contact if my questions are not addressed in these FAQs?