On a very hot and muggy morning on August 24, a small but enthusiastic group of 47 left Rochester and headed for Lake Minnetonka. When we arrived and got on the boat, the weather was perfect - not too hot, not humid, with a slight breeze. It was a great day to be on the water. Some spent time on all three levels of the boat while others stayed put on their chosen level. The lake was quiet on a weekday and there were wonderful views. The service provided by the crew was outstanding - they kept our glasses full of water and other drinks, served our lunch, and picked up after us.

A special thanks to Bonnie Boyer who brought chocolate chip cookies for the bus ride to the lake, Kay Jacobson who brought a popcorn snack mix to enjoy on the boat, and Judy Moyer who brought brownies, and Darlyne Burchfiel who brought grapes for the bus ride home. All this in addition to our lunches.

Check out the trip photos below.

Seig Hoeppner