THANK YOU Rochester IBM Retirees

Subj: IBM Retiree Celebration - Thank you for coming

IBM Retirees,

It was a pleasure to host you and your guests at our 60th Celebration event last week. Your presence was a reminder of the legacy of your service and contributions to IBM Rochester and the IBM Corporation. I enjoyed speaking with so many of you, and I hope that you enjoyed the videos, displays, tours, and networking with your peers and other IBMers at the event. We had a celebration for employees later that day, and they also enjoyed the historical displays of the famous products that you worked on for IBM. Especially for our newer employees, it was an opportunity to understand the history of the site and the groundbreaking technology and innovations of which you were a part.

I mentioned that I would provide a link to the "60 Years, 60 Voices" video that you viewed that day. This link will take you to a page where you can see the final, edited version you saw last week, but also the long versions for each person represented from 1956-2015. I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I have!


Tory Johnson
Senior Location Executive
IBM Rochester MN

Lisa Lonien, Administrator
IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs